Okay, it happens. You purchased your registration some time ago, and now something unexpected has come up and you are unable to attend.

Now what?

First, you need to find someone to purchase your registration. The BEST place to start is right in your own chapter. If that doesn’t work ...

  1. Post your "for sale" item on the Message Board by clicking MESSAGES when you are logged in to your account. 
  2. Try selling it on the “FWD-list”.

Notify the Registrar of the sale.

Unless you notify the Registrar, the person who purchased the registration will NOT have a name badge waiting for them at the convention. That causes a great inconvenience for the buyer, so it is a simple courtesy, yet important step to let the Registrar know, so that he can make the switch in our database.

  1. Please use the Registration Transfer Request Form (see BELOW) and send it to the Registrar ASAP. (You must be logged in for the form to appear.)
  2. For security purposes, the Registrar will make the change and send YOU the new tickets with the buyer’s information.
  3. It's up to you to forward the updated ticket to the buyer to finalize the deal.
  4. If you used the Message Board to sell your registration, please delete your message after the sale has been made, or others may try to contact you.