Okay, it happens. You purchased your registrations some time ago, and now something unexpected has come up and you are unable to attend.

Now what?

First, you need to find someone to purchase your registrations. The BEST place to start is right in your own chapter. If that doesn’t work, try selling them on the “FWD-list”.

What is the FWD-list?

What is the “FWD-list”?

The FWD-list is a Yahoo Group email list made up of persons having in interest in the Far Western District. You can find out more about it at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/fwd-list/info. You do not need to have a yahoo account to join the group; any email address will work. The directions for how to subscribe to the group are found on the web page. It takes a couple of emails back and forth between you and the moderator to get subscribed, but once you are subscribed you can send an email to the group address and it will go out to all of the members.

Selling points when marketing your registration

Selling points when marketing your registration.

If you purchased them at the Early-Bird discount, and the deadline for that has passed, that is a good selling point to mention. Also give the section, row, and seat number, as those are good selling points – particularly if you registered early and got great seats.

Once you have a prospective buyer, work out a deal on how to receive payment. PayPal is a great option for that; otherwise they can send you a check.

Now comes the important part.

Unless you notify the registrar, the person who purchased the registration will NOT have a name badge waiting for them at the convention UNLESS YOU TELL US about the sale. That causes a great inconvenience for the buyer, so it is imperative that you let the Registrar know so that he can make the switch in our database.

To do this, please use the Registration Transfer Form and send it to the Registrar ASAP. You will find the form on the convention details page by clicking MORE INFO on the Event Details.  There are instructions for how to complete the form and where to send it contained inside the document.

When the registrar receives the form, he will make the changes and send YOU new vouchers with the buyer’s name, etc. It is then up to you to forward the updated vouchers to the buyer, to finalize the deal.

The deadline to submit a transfer request is the day BEFORE registrations close.

Please see the event details for important dates and deadlines that are specific to the event.

If you need more assistance in understanding how to transfer your registration to another member, go to CONTACT -> REGISTRAR on the menu.