Some of us lead hectic lives, while some of us are ... well ... just plain forgetful. Whatever the case, there may be a time when you can't remember if you've registered for the convention.

Problem solved.  You can look it up!  Here's how ...

Step 1: Login to your account

Click the LOGIN 1 option on the upper menubar.

If you can't remember your password or even your username, you can retrieve them by clicking the appropriate "Forgot:.  Otherwise enter your Username and Password and click Log In 2 .

air 01

Step 2: Find your registration

When you are logged in to your account, an additional item – MY REGISTRATIONS – appears on the main menubar.  


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This will list the registrations you have made on your account, including the date and time you made the registration.

If you don't see the event listed, OR if it is listed but does not say CONFIRMED,  then you are not registered!

You can click a registration to view all of the details, and even re-print your vouchers, in case you've lost them. 

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Step 3: Log Out of your account

Click LOGOUT on the main menu.