Registration Transfer Request Form

  • Use this form to notify the Registrar when you have sold your registration so he can get the name changed and the convention badge printed correctly. This applies when the buyer needs the same ticket type (Competitor/Non-Competitor) as the one being sold.
  • If you sell a Non-Competitor ticket to a Competitor, the buyer will have to pick up the badge with the original name at registration, go to the HELP Desk, and pay the additional fee ($5 Early-Bird, $30 Late) to get it converted to a Competitor badge in their name in order to compete.
  • Last day to submit is the day before on-line registrations close. Please check the event detail for more information.
  • Transfers are not necessary for LATE SHOW tickets. Just give the buyer your tickets.

1) Please provide the event name and the reservation number, which appears on the upper left corner of your event ticket.

2) Please provide the first and last name of the CURRENT registration holder.

3) Please provide the information about the NEW registration holder (the buyer).

4) Please provide your contact info in case we have any questions.