Harmony Platoon Music Request

Get your music and learning tracks faster!

If you used the "+ Platoon" option to add Harmony Platoon to your convention registration, you can greatly expedite receiving your music and learning tracks by using this form (instead of the mail-in form) to let the Harmony Platoon organizers know you are participating.

Please send this form AFTER you have registered for the convention.

You'll need to provide the Reservation number, which you'll find on the upper left corner of your ticket.

1) Please select the Harmony Platoon event and enter your Convention Reservation Number.
(The Reservation number appears on the upper left corner of the event ticket you received after completing your convention registration.)

2) Please enter your name, choose the voice part(s) you can sing, and select your chapter (if applicable).

3) Please enter your email and postal address so we can send you the music, and your mobile number in case we need to contact you.