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Starts on:10/19/2017 09:00 AM
Ends on:10/20/2017 01:00 PM


Harmony Platoon*

Bakersfield, California • October 19-20, 2017


Harmony PlatoonFall FWD Convention Platoon to Honor 139th Street

Plan to make it to Bakersfield by Noon on Friday October 20 and hear the 139th Street Quartet performing with the Harmony Platoon. The Platoon will be singing four songs created by 139th Street, and 139th will be singing (with Royce Ferguson joining them on tenor).

Platoon has chosen the 139th Street songs both because they are great songs to sing, but also to honor this fine FWD quartet. We’ve all enjoyed so many decades of their singing since winning the FWD championship in 1976 (not too long after forming) and won a second place medal at International within 2 years. They sang at the International Top Five Level with four different leads. . .WOW! From starting the Collegiate Quartet Contest 25 years ago (which our own Flightline just won in Vegas) to bringing a Russian quartet over to the US, to Cheers appearances on TV, they have always been known for innovative quartet activity. So it is with great pleasure and no surprise that they are so supportive of the Platoon program.

1976 FWD Champions 139th Street Quartet (Jim Meehan, lead)

1979 Int'l 5th Place 139th Street Quartet (Larry Wright, lead)

1990 Int'l 2nd Place 139th Street Quartet (John Sherburne, lead)

1992 Int't 4th Place 139th Street Quartet (Dan Jordan, lead)


* Participation in Harmony Platoon also requires an All-Events Registration to the Fall Convention.


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